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En: Project reconstruction of the statue of Friedrich-Ludwig Schröder, status summer 2017

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Sketch from Brother Jens Rusch 2015.
Only a yellowed faded photo was preserved after the Nazis destroyed the Friedrich Ludwig Schröder statue in the Hamburg Lodge House in a blind rage. A group of artists made it their task to reconstruct the life-size statue. The first bronze pre-stages have now been cast as small-format sculptures.


Project reconstruction of the statue of Friedrich-Ludwig Schröder, status summer 2017

Friedrich Ludwig Schröder (1744 – 1816) has, beside being one of the most significant reformers in German masonic history, also created his own rite. He was an important influencer in past cultural life, having his friends Lessing, Goethe and more at his side. He was also, among many other for freemasonry and cultural life important issues, the founder of the ”Hamburgische Nationaloper”, which today is one of the most significant Operas in Germany.

The German Nazis occupied the Grand lodge in ”Welckerstrasse” in the city of Hamburg back in 1937. First, they used the lodge for an anti-masonic exhibition, and after that they ordered it teared down. The easiest way for them was to burn it, like the Nazis used to do with institution that where proclaimed anti-German, but not in this case. Their intentions were to reveal the secrets of the Freemasons, and they dismantled the building stone by stone – finding nothing. In a rage, the Nazis destroyed the statue of the founder of the Grand lodge Friedrich-Wilhelm Schröder. With this act, they destroyed not only important masonic history, but also valuable German culture.

Until the year 2016, nobody could or would take up the burden it was to reconstruct this statue. Until the day when WM Hans-Peter Meissner (Lodge “Absalom zu den drei Nesseln) and the German artist and brother Jens Rusch (Lodge “Roland”) had a talk about what happened almost 80 years ago. They agreed that something had to be done, not only for the reconstruction itself, but mostly to send a signal to the public worldwide, that nevertheless what has been destroyed during this dark time can be reestablished.

But how could this have been done? There were no eyewitnesses back from that time! The only proof of this statue was an old photography of the statue on its previous place, and an old oil painting of the Grandmaster Friedrich Ludwig Schröder.

This oil painting is still in the reestablished lodge in Hamburg. Via the homepage and Facebook, a group of interested freemasons was shaped. The task for the group was to facilitate the reconstruction of this statue ”pro bono” and” non-profit”. The goal was and still is to guarantee that this statue will be exhibited for the public, as an act of honoring F.L. Schröder, but also to send a signal to the world, a signal that we see as being very important in the year 2017.

Some few pictures following will show the progress of the reconstruction of this important statue of Friedrich Ludwig Schröder.



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