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Greg Steward

Source: Freemason Information http://freemasoninformation.com/greg-stewart/

A student of the Western Mystery traditions, Gregory B. Stewart has explored the rites of initiation through a variety of initiatory systems with the expressed goal of understanding their deeper meaning. In that process, his exploration has converged with mainstream and esoteric religious traditions, the rituals of church practice and their impact on spiritual development. Now, on the other side of that journey, the focus of his attention is on how those practices relate to the Great Work and where they intersect with the Hermetic tradition.

Personally, Greg is an artist by nature and education. Professionally, his work has covered a wide spectrum of communications, publishing and design. Under the Masonic tradition Greg began his career in 1994 participating in a variety of roles, lodges and organizations. The majority of his written work from that that work can be found in his blog Masonic Traveler which chronicles from 2005 to the present day. Later work and material, specifically about Freemasonry, can be found here at his website Freemason Information.

As devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.”

Works by Gregory B. Stewart

  • Masonic Traveler – blog, 2005
  • Freemason Information – website, 2006
  • What is Freemasonry? – ebook, 2009
  • Masonic Central, with Dean Kennedy – podcast, 2008-2010
  • Masonic Traveler – Essays and Commentary – print book, 2009
  • The Apprentice – The World and the Universe As One – print book, 2014
  • Fellow of the Craft – print, coming 2015
  • The Master Mason – print, coming 2015

Past Interviews and media:

  • The Occult of Personality Podcast with Greg Kaminsky
  • PlanetShifter Magazine – with Willi Paul