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Peter Waddell

Source: Artist website

The Initiated Eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington, DC


Best known for his paintings of Washington, D.C., history and architecture, Peter Waddell has previously created works about the Capitol in the nineteenth century (Inside the Temple of Liberty); the role of Freemasons in the creation of the Federal City (The Initiated Eye); the history of the Octagon; and numerous other commissions for historic sites including Mount Vernon and Tudor Place.

Recent smaller works can be found on the streets of the city around the National Cathedral, and in the Kalorama neighborhood where Peter has been involved in the Call Box Project, placing historical images on former police and fire call boxes.

His contributions to the arts in Washington, D.C., were recognized in 2010 when he received the Mayor's Art Award.

For his many exhibitions, group exhibtions, featured publications and broadcasts as well as recent commissions please visit the artist website.