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Br. Greg Stewart aka Masonic Traveler

Source: masonictraveler.com

An artist by nature and vocation, Greg pursued the sublime degrees of Freemasonry in 1994, seeking to learn its knowledge and allegory. The sole purpose in creating this site is to organize and share this information to as wide an audience as possible, presenting it in as instructive and concise a format as possible. Specifically, it is intended for the interested onlooker and the newly raised entered apprentice mason, but it also presents insight to the seasoned master as well. Greg’s own interests in Freemasonry range from its present role in society, its history, and in particular to its esoteric recesses.

Greg is a 3rd degree Master Mason in the Craft Lodge at Hollywood No. 355, under the Grand Lodge of California, also he is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, under the AASR of the Orient of California, and a York Rite R.:A.:M.: of Signent Chapter #57 in Van Nuys.

Greg is the author of the ebook → “What is Freemasonry?”. and the new print book Masonic Traveler, available on Amazon.

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Nice things people have said about our work.

[Masonic Traveler]…is a great little book. A non-Mason friend saw it on my table and asked to borrow it. He brought it back two days later, asked some questions, and told me he was going to petition the lodge in his home town. I enjoyed all the essays in the book, but especially XVII, on the E.A. Tracingboard. I am a bit more optimistic (or perhaps a bit more in denial) than Bro. Stewart when it comes to the future of the fraternity, but no one can deny his essays are thought-provoking and powerful.

Br. Jim Tresner
in the Scottish Rite Journal Nov/Dec 2010

Not only is [“What is Freemasonry?” ebook] as good an explanation of The Craft as I have ever read, it also demonstrates Masonry Universal. It is as applicable a description of Freemasonry in Australia as it is in the US and UK. Well done.

V. Wor. Bro. Harry Zaphir
Hon. Sec, Dennistoun Lodge No 301
Asst. Grand Superintendent of Workings, District 2

I would like to promote [“What is Freemasonry?” ebook] on my Masonic FaceBook page so people can download it and benefit from it, I think is a great resourceful tool.

Bro. Mike Jiménez
Junior Warden
Evergreen Park Lodge #1171

Excellent, Excellent job.

Bro. Gord Echlin
St. John’s Lodge No. 63, Ontario, Canada

What an AWESOME book. I know this comes directly from your heart. You my Brother are exactly the kind of Brother we should point to when we are asked “What is a Mason?” Thank you, thank you and thank you again. With your permission I will share [“What is Freemasonry?” ebook] with Brethren, everyone I meet that is interested in our Craft and some that are not.

Manny Blanco,
Past Master
Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
Moreno Valley, CA

This brilliant book is the perfect springboard into further research of the Craft. Answering questions such as ‘Why does Freemasonry not admit women?’ and ‘What is the Lodge experience like?’ it is a must read for everyone. I for one would like to join the chorus of fans and say well done B:. Greg Stewart

David Naughton-Shires
MAE President & Founder

[“What is Freemasonry?” ebook is] an excellent and easy to read ebook on the basic questions of Freemasonry. Brother Greg Stewart has produced an excellent resource for those who are new to the craft.

Barry Huddleston


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