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Hannah Mather Crocker

Hannah Mather born on June 27, 1752 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Samuel Mather and Hannah Hutchinson. She married Joseph Crocker in 1779. With Crocker she had 10 children between 1780 and 1795. She died on July 11, 1829. Hannah Mather Crocker on en.wikipedia.org

St. Ann's Lodge, Boston, in the 1770s.


Excerpt from "A Series of Letters on Freemasonry" by 'Lady of Boston'/Hannah Mather Crocker, p. 7

"I have no doubt the priciples are good, the Corner Stone well laid, and ought to be supported by Wisdom, Strength and Justice. If they conducted with the prudence, they might diffuse that universal benevolence, which would promote 'peace on earth and good will to men.' The original principels are said to be Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. There is, however, some reason to fear that many young Masons grasp the shadow only."

Excerpt from "Haunted Chambers" by Karen Kidd, p. 61

"Her 'Series of Letters' is an erudite apologia of the Craft and is quite impressive considering the rarity of women's participation in the Craft during that era. It is eqally notable given that all societal matters of the time leaned heavily toward men. Malecraft Brothers who investigated the history of early Women Freemasons seem to have overlooked Hannah. Perhaps they ignored her rather than speak ill of someone who spoke so well of them. This may very well be tacit acknowledgement of her rare accomplishments."

A Short Address

Source: "A Series of Letters on Freemasonry" by 'Lady of Boston'/Hannah Mather Crocker, p. 20

Boston, 1778
First printed in the Centinel, headed thus:

Brother Russell,
The following lines were actually written by
a lady of this town, who imagines she has some
insight into the mysteries of the Craft, how far
I will not say ; the fraternity may judge from the
composition. Please insert the lines, and oblige
W. S. B.
[B. William Shattuck.]

By the Mistress of St. Ann's Lodge.

COME Ladies fair,
Within due Square
Let each renew her vow,
No timid maid
Need be afraid,
her Sacred Knee to bow.

Since Sheba's queen
The first was seen,
To gain this wondrous art;
She made the vow
We all do now,
And gain'd the wise king's heart.

Let none disclose
To secret foes,
Our tokens, words, or signs.
May BEAUTY grace
Each lovely face,
And Wistiom guide our minds..

May we have STRENGTH
To join at length,
The heavenly Lodge above,
Brothers there meet
Though none here greet,
There join in mutual love,

That sacred plan,
Held here by man,
As far above our reach,
Shall to each fair
Within due Square
Their love and duty teach.

In sacred love
We'll join above
The widow's son and mother,
With one accord
We'll join the word,
To hail each sacred brother.

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