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Morris, Robert

Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

A signer of the Declaration of Independence and a Freemason who devoted his entire personal fortune to the furthering of the cause of the Colonists, as well as borrowing large sums from France which were also turned over to the Colonists. He was born in Liverpool, England, January 20, 1734, and died May 8, 1806. He patriotically sacrificed all his worldly possessions. Said to have been a member of an old Pennsylvania Masonic Lodge (see New Age, May, 1925, and Brother Peters' Masons as Makers of Amenca, page 58, but not so asserted by Brother Boyden, Masonic Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Signers; and Brother Roth, Masonry in the Formation of Our Government, page 83, says no definite proofs have been found of Morris as a Freemason).

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