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Alberto Mansur

Source: Comunidade Maçônica Akhenaton https://www.facebook.com/FLORDEACACIA/posts/368841809870589

In memory of our brother Alberto Mansur who travels to the Grand Orient .·. R .·.Ι .·.P .·.

The Mason Alberto Mansur took note of DeMolay in 1970, by reading the "The New Age - July 1969", commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Order.

Realizing the great importance of this institution, and the need to fill a vital gap in the Brazilian Freemasonry, the dream to bring the Order to Brazil was piqued.

After several contacts with the International Supreme Council of DeMolay, Alberto Mansur, personally met in 1974, the Sovereign Grand Commander of North American George A. Newbury, who attended the Seventh Meeting of the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Americas, held in Rio de Janeiro, to whom he revealed his desire to found the Order of DeMolay in Brazil.

Alberto Mansur in his first official report as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) of Freemasonry to the Federative Republic of Brazil, announced a target of installation of the Order in Brazil.

After five years without success, Mansur met in Boston in 1979, the then Grand Master International CC "Buddy" Faulkner, a large and enthusiastic leader of the Order, which once relied on Mansur, authorizing the foundation of DeMolay in Brazil, and naming him in 1980, the International Supreme Council Member and Executive Officer of DeMolay for Brazil.

Thus was founded on August 16, 1980 the first chapter of DeMolay in Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of the Supreme Council AASR, with the title " Chapter Rio de Janeiro of DeMolay No. 001 ".

On April 21, 1985 Order achieved its freedom and independence with the founding of the Supreme Council of DeMolay for Brazil (SCODB) and recognition of the International Supreme Council through a Treaty of Mutual Recognition and a Declaration of Independence signed in the same year.