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Ari Roussimoff

Artist, painter, sculptor, and filmmaker.


"Freemasonry provides the finest values with which to live by and with which to enrich humanity. Freemasonry encompasses morality, philosophy, spirituality and mysticism. And all the arts and sciences. Based on the most profound biblical models, here is a way of living and seeing which has the strength to unite mankind in a far deeper and more successful manner then any political movement can ever aspire to. Masonic themes have been a constant throughout my artwork. In addition to canvasses devoted to Freemasonry, I am frequently drawn to also include Masonic subjects and symbols in some of my other paintings."
Ari Roussimoff


Source: Artist's website

Ari Roussimoff, a critically acclaimed painter and film director, has been called the most prolific and creative artist of his generation.

His paintings of Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish themes have earned him much acclaim and they have been shown in over 80 exhibitions worldwide, including at the Nakhamkin Fine Arts Galleries, M.L. International Gallery of Fine Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, A & J Galleries, The Bucharest Rumania Museum, The Nicholas Roerich Museum, Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library and Museum, The Peter Fingesten Gallery-Pace University, Arma Galleries, Galerie Ehmer, Stephanie Ann Roper Gallery-Frostburg State University, The Theodor Herzel Institute, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Weintraub Gallery, Anthology Film Archives, YM-YWHA, Ukrainie Club Gallery and many others.

Among the many who have lauded Ari Roussimoff's paintings were the modern masters Marc Chagall and Oskar Kokoschka.

For some years now, Ari Roussimoff has also been leading a distinguished career as a director of motion pictures. His first full-length feature film was the critically acclaimed surrealist horror movie, “SHADOWS IN THE CITY”. Most recently, Mr Roussimoff won the Phantom of the Movies’ award for Best Documentary of 1999 for his incredible film, “FREAKS UNCENSORED”. Ari Roussimoff has perfectly meshed his life as a painter and as a filmmaker in a way that has not been done before.

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