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Howard Thurston

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Howard Thurston (1869-1936) One of America's greatest magicians. Born in Columbus, Ohio. He made a tour of the world in 1904-07, and starred with Harry Keller, in 1907-08. He was the author of My Life of Magic, in 1929.

Thurston had this to say of his Masonic membership in a letter: "I was initiated into Freemasonry in Manitou Lodge No. 106, New York City, July 22, 1907. I received the 32° of the Consistory in New York, July 10, 1910. I sometimes think that the traveling Masons have more opportunities of being both proud and glad of the social distinction designated by the square and compass than those who remain home most of the time.

This is certainly true of a public entertainer, and especially of a magician. I see now on the walls of my den, about a score of Masonic emblems, fezzes, banners, Shrine pins, canes, ribbons—from baskets of flowers, parchments of honorary membership, etc., all telling me again of the many kindly acts of brother Masons during my annual tours. What a wonderful thing for a stranger to be able to meet the best men of the community as a brother and friend!" He was also a member of Mecca Shrine Temple, N.Y.C. Died 1936.