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Manolache Costache Epureanu

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(1823–1880) was twice the Prime Minister of Romania as a representative of the Conservative Party: in 1870 (20 April-14 December) and in 1876 (6 May-5 August).


Born in Bârlad, he studied in Heidelberg, Germany and returned to Moldavia to participate in the 1848 revolutionary movement, being part of the ad hoc committee.

In 1866, he was the president of the council which decided to invite a foreign dynasty to rule Romania. In 1871, during the Catargiu conservative government, Epureanu was the Minister of Justice between October 1872 and March 1873. He then switched to the opposition and in 1876, he was a Liberal Prime Minister, but later he switched again to the Conservative Party.

He published Chestia locuitorilor privită din punctul de vedere al Regulamentului organic (1866) and Despre pretinsa rescumpărare a căilor ferate (1879).

He died in Schlangenbad, Duchy of Nassau, which is now in Germany.


Source: Brother A.B.

The lodge in Bârlad carries his name “Manolache Kostache Epureanu Lodge 319” and reconstructed his pyramid-shaped tomb in the year 2010.