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Weltkongress der regulären Großlogen 2018


M :. W :. G :. M :. Roberto A. Cueto Cisneros

My beloved Brothers, on behalf of all the Masons who work in the Republic of Panama under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Panama, I am pleased to invite you to join us at the XVI World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges to be held in our Orient.

It will be an opportunity to discuss, amongst us, no matter the distance, language, culture or antiquity between our Grand Lodges, topics so relevant to our order and humanity, that surely will mark a line to follow in the fourth century of universal freemasonry.

The Panamanian masons are eager to welcome you and show you our Masonic history, as well as our country, its riches, its wonders; but above all give each of you our human warmth.

We are a small country in territory size, but with great natural beauty, where someone is able to contemplate the sunrise in the Pacific Ocean and the sunset in the Atlantic Ocean on the same day in less than two hours car drive; In addition to admiring the human ingenuity that allowed dividing the American continent and our country, to give service to humanity with our Canal.

We are expecting you, Brothers.

M :. W :. G :. M :. Roberto A. Cueto Cisneros March 2017 E.V



To all the Regular Lodges of the World, we invite you to come to Panama in November 2018 to participate in the XVI Conference of Grand Lodges Regulares del Mundo, which for the first time will be held in Central America and all the brothers of the Central American area will be proud to have them here.

The World Conference commission is working hard on all the details so that your visit is pleasant, and we are giving a lot of emphasis to the themes of the exhibitors, as we seek that the masonry begins to play a leading role in the aspects of Rights Human Rights and Equality. We are firm believers that if as a world fraternity we unite in a common direction we can achieve positive changes to society. Even coming to fight against corruption, which is part of all the evils that our countries live.

The topics presented to the General Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges are:

  • The role of Freemasonry and Mason individually in society
  • The Masonic Way Towards the Internal Transformation of the Individual
  • Attitude of the Masón in the face of the violation of Human Rights
  • Masonic action against inequity

The subcommittee in charge of the teaching area of the conference is focused on excellence and dynamics, to achieve the success of this event.

We have structured a technology commission to keep the Grand Lodges and HHMMs informed of the progress of the conference and to establish a relationship through activities on our website, ranging from photo competitions and information, // will start operating once the venue of the event in Panama is ratified.

We look forward to EVERYONE being a good host and we are sure to have an excellent conference.

M: .V: .H :. Raul de Obaldía G. de P. PGM President of the Commission


Nachricht vom Großmeister der vereinigten Großlogen von Deutschland Christoph Bosbach während der Kongress noch stattfand:

The delegates have made a 100% decision and have followed my offering...

The WCRMGL XVIII (World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges) will take place in BERLIN, Germany 17th to 19th of November 2021...