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Quelle: Lennhoff, Posner, Binder

gewesene Logenmeister der Großen Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland (Andreas- und Johannislogen), die im Besitz des Ehrenzeichens für verdiente Logenmeister sind.


Quelle: Phoenixmasonry

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1. PAST MASTER, of a Lodge of Master Masons, or Blue Lodge

2. PAST HIGH PRIEST, if a Royal Arch Chapter of Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

3. PAST EMINENT COMMANDER, of a Commandery of Knights Templar

4. PAST ILLUSTRIOUS COMMANDER IN CHIEF, of a Consistory, Thirty second Degree of Freemasonry

5. PAST POTENTATE, of Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

6. PAST EXALTED RULER, of a Lodge of the Benovolent Protective Order of Elks

7. PAST CHANCELLOR, of a Lodge of Knights of Pythias

8. PAST COMMANDER, of a Council American Legion of Honor

9. PAST [NOBLE] GRAND, of a Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellows

10. PAST SACHEM, of a Tribe of Improved Order of Red Men

11. PAST PRESIDENT, of a Camp, Patriotic Order Sons of America

12. PAST REGENT, of a Council of Royal Arcanum

13. PAST COUNCILOR, of a Council of Junior Order of United American Mechanics

14. PAST WORKMAN, of a Lodge of Ancient Order of United Workmen

15. PAST CHIEF PATRIARCH, of an Odd fellows [Patriarch’s Militant] Encampment

16. PAST REGENT, of a Senate, Order of Sparta

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