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"Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks", 1866 von Schauspielern gegründeter amerikanischer bruderschaftlicher Bund, ursprünglich Jolly Corks genannt, der in Nachahmung freimaurerischen Gebrauchtums gegenseitige Unterstützung und Geselligkeit pflegt.

Courtesy of Sid Graves: Elks Club / Knights of Pythias / Freemasons
The most popular Elk piece is undoubtedly the gold mounted elk’s tooth which on average commands $75-100 and more for larger and more elaborate pieces--all this in spite of an enormous supply that has of yet shown no sign of diminishing. (Moose teeth, probably ten times as rare, seldom fetch more than $20.) The jewel with the star and wreath is from the IBPOEW, a black Elks order. The sterling receipt case is a fairly common design but this one is set with a half carat sapphire which is not common. It was probably a presentation piece for a Past Exalted Ruler. Source: Phoenixmasonry
The main Founder of the Elks, Brother Charles Algernon Sidney Vivian, an English-born actor, was a member of the British fraternity known as the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Brother Vivian especially desired to see the new Order adopt the title of "buffaloes," but the vote carried with the name of "Elks." Courtesy of Phoenixmasonry
At every meeting of the BPOE, and every social function, when the hour of 11:00 p.m. tolls, the Lodge conducts a charming ceremonial known as the "Eleven O'clock Toast." In fact, the clock tolling the eleventh hour is part of the BPOE official emblem, and is directly behind the representation of an elk's head in the emblem of the Order. Regular meetings of Subordinate Lodges have always been held at night. In the earlier days, they were usually held on Sunday nights and were concluded about eleven o'clock. As the participants departed, the Brothers made inquiries about the absent Brothers and expressed sympathetic interest in the causes of their absence. It soon became a custom for some member to propose a toast to the Brothers who were not present. And in the course of time, this custom was quite generally observed whenever a group of Elks were together at eleven o'clock. Eventually, the Grand Lodge specifically provided for such a ceremonial to be observed during Lodge sessions; and designated it as "The Eleven O'clock Toast." Under this provision, whenever a Lodge was in session at that hour, the regular order of business was suspended for a few moments while the Exalted Ruler recited the beautiful ritual prescribed, concluded with the words: "To our absent Brothers." Since women were permitted to join the Elks since 1995, the toast is now pronounced as "To our absent Members." Courtesy of Phoenixmasonry
Courtesy of Phoenixmasonry

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