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Basic structure of Masonic appendant bodies in England and Wales, illustrating the sequence in which members typically progress from the Craft to further Orders, as well as the minimum requirements for joining those Orders

Order of Holy Wisdom

The early history of this Christian Order is obscured by the fact that it was known by many other names: Order of Melchisedec, Pillared Priest, White Mason, Order of Holy Wisdom, Templar Ne Plus Ultra.

The three sources mentioned below agree on that the Order is an organization independent from Freemasonry


”After a short period of control by the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees and, by mutual consent, it separated and became The Grand College.”

And so it must be because of its exclusiveness regarding religious faith and belief.


To be admitted to the Order you have to be invited and fulfil the following conditions:
1. Have been a regularly installed Master in, and a subscribing member of, a regular Craft Lodge.
2. Be a subscribing Royal Arch Mason.
3. Be a subscribing Knight Templar.
4. Make a statement of Faith, affirming a belief in the Holy Christian Faith and in the Christian Trinity - exclusively from all other Faiths.

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